International Day of Democracy
15 September 2010


This year, 2010, International IDEA celebrates its 15th Anniversary. On this important day, 15 September, we are launching our publication 15 Years of Supporting Democracy Worldwide. It is a reflection of the efforts of the many individuals and organizations committed to bringing about democratization in their own countries, and how IDEA has contributed to their processes. Here are 15 of their stories!

15 stories on democracy support

Chapter screenshot 1. Elections: a continuous cycle Chapter screenshot 2. Platforms for pushing reform in Burkina Faso and Georgia
Chapter screenshot 3. Reconciliation after conflict Chapter screenshot 4. Peru’s first political parties law
Chapter screenshot 5. Knowledge empowers democracy Chapter screenshot 6. Global training meets local needs
Chapter screenshot 7. Multiplying knowledge and skills in Peru Chapter screenshot 8. Changing political party rules in Mexico
Chapter screenshot 9. Taking the pulse of a country’s democracy Chapter screenshot 10. Sitting trust at the table of negotiations in Nepal
Chapter screenshot 11. Spotlight on democracy building in the UN Chapter screenshot 12. Advocacy triggers tangible electoral results in Bolivia
Chapter screenshot 13. From regional consultations to EU policy Chapter screenshot 14. Africa’s commit ment to democracy
Chapter screenshot 15. Collaborative learning across political parties in Sudan

The views expressed here do not necessarily represent the views of International IDEA.